Our Mission

  • It is our mission to relieve the suffering of animals and nature in our immediate environment
  • To counteract the abuse and destruction of life and earth
  • To restore the Oneness of all Life in the Universe
  • To grow in awareness of the above in ourselves and to act upon it


  • To provide free medical care and shelter to relieve the suffering of animals.
  • To restore the rights of animals and nature as equal inhabitants of this planet and treat them as such.
  • The promotion of a vegetarian lifestyle and ecological growing of crops and plants etc., and the ecological treatment of Nature in general.
  • To help implement Indian law regarding cruelty and abuse of animals and nature, e.g illegal transport and slaughter of cattle, animal sacrifice, poaching and the destruction of forests.
  • To encourage farming and industrial activity which is eco and animal friendly.
  • To discourage production of animals for milk, meat and leather and to actively dedicate ourselves towards making a positive change.
  • Informing others about the health aspects of holistic animal welfare.
  • Campaigning against the use of animals in sports, zoos, hunting, animal experimentation, genetic engineering, vivisection and other practices where animals are subjected to enormous suffering.
“Love is present not only in human beings but also in all creatures, birds and beasts.  Nor is that all. It is in fact all-pervasive.  Love pervades everything in creation.  Man’s humanness is vitiated when he fails to recognize this love” Sathya Sai Baba