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2017-06-21 Karuna ABC Dog Article 4 small

The Solution to Controlling Stray Dog Population in India

Dear Friends, We can all agree on the fact that ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control / Anti-Rabies) is the only way to control the stray dog population: it is advised by the WH organisation and it is the law in India. Then the problem starts: There are not enough AWO's (Animal ...
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2017-06-12 Karuna Dog Dog pets small

Two New House Dog Friends

Several months ago both our old house dogs died. Now we have two new friends, both from the shelter. The black and white one came in as a puppy after a small accident and the brown/white one was already a Karuna dog with only three legs. She created mayhem in ...
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2017-06-11 Karuna garden 2 small

Rest for Our Organic Garden

The organic garden at Karuna Society needs to rest between March and July; nothing can grow during the hot and dry summer. The plots have to be cleaned and the compost prepared. After the first rains, the compost has to be given to the hungry soil. From August onwards there ...
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2017-06-09 Karuna Dog Paralyzed Resident small

Blacky and Long Term Care

Just to remind you, this is Blacky, a paralyzed dog living with us for at least 5 years. Although he can move himself a bit, he needs daily attention and care. That is all done by our loving attendants. Most of our work is not 'spectacular" but consist of day ...
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2017-06-09 Karuna camel donkeys small

Camel and Donkeys Waiting for Leftovers

In the morning, the camel and donkeys are waiting for the leftovers of the dog breakfast porridge ...
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