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Cookie Pic small

Cookie the Cow-Herder

Cookie is a stray dog who lived in a village near to Karuna Society. Somehow she broke both her legs and was suffering on the street. A kind village child picked her up and brought her into Karuna Society. With a lot of love, care, and medicines thanks to your loving donations, Cookie recovered and

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Karuna Dog Operation Oximeter 2017-07-21 small

New Oximeter for Surgeries

Thanks to Help Animals India, the dogs being operated on at Karuna Society are now much safer and comfortable thanks to the Oximeter provided by them. Now the dogs will not wake up during operation and the vet can top up the anaesthetic in time. He is also warned if anything else goes wrong. A

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Karuna Cattle During Drought 2017 small

Please Help Support Our Rescued Cattle!

When the temperature finally came down and we received a few blissful showers, we heaved a big sigh of relief. However, after that promising start the monsoon has left us dry and without rain there will be no grass in the forest for our grazing animals. We are now facing a new threat to the

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2017-06-12 Karuna Dog Dog pets small

Two New House Dog Friends

Several months ago both our old house dogs died. Now we have two new friends, both from the shelter. The black and white one came in as a puppy after a small accident and the brown/white one was already a Karuna dog with only three legs. She created mayhem in the village as she is

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2017-06-11 Karuna garden 2 small

Rest for Our Organic Garden

The organic garden at Karuna Society needs to rest between March and July; nothing can grow during the hot and dry summer. The plots have to be cleaned and the compost prepared. After the first rains, the compost has to be given to the hungry soil. From August onwards there will again be a season

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2017-06-09 Karuna Dog Paralyzed Resident small

Blacky and Long Term Care

Just to remind you, this is Blacky, a paralyzed dog living with us for at least 5 years. Although he can move himself a bit, he needs daily attention and care. That is all done by our loving attendants. Most of our work is not ‘spectacular” but consist of day after day caring and nursing

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