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The Solution to Controlling Stray Dog Population in India

Dear Friends, We can all agree on the fact that ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control / Anti-Rabies) is the only way to control the stray dog population: it is advised by the WH organisation and it is the law in India. Then the problem starts: There are not enough AWO's (Animal Welfare Organizations) and AH (Animal Husbandry) departments to conduct the surgeries. Not enough well trained and caring veterinary surgeons; this results in cruelty, mismanagement and death. Not enough and adequate facilities for post operative care. Rampant corruption as usual, payments for signatures, etc. The underlying assumption is that dogs are ...
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Open Letter to Potential Karuna Volunteers

OPEN LETTER TO VOLUNTEER VETERINARY DOCTORS, STUDENTS, NURSES AND OTHER VOLUNTEERS! Karuna Society for Animals and Nature appreciates your offer to volunteer with us. Your love for animals, knowledge and training is much appreciated. However, please consider the following: If you are a veterinary doctor or nurse you are legally not allowed to practice in India except when you are registered with the Indian veterinary council. This is not possible when you come for a short period on a tourist visa. A volunteer visa is a lengthy process. If you want to come for a longer period, Karuna Society would ...
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Management of the Dog Population In and Around Puttaparthi

Click on the below link to open up an article regarding the stray dog population in Puttaparthi. MANAGEMENT_DOG POPULATION ...
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Devotees and the Care of Dogs in Puttaparthi

by Clementien Pauws, President of Karuna Society for Animals and Nature, Puttaparthi SAI RAM, Devotees around the globe. Over the last few months there has been confusion, pain and sadness about the alleged killing/poisoning of a group of nine dogs inside the Ashram. I am writing to you to inform you about the larger picture of the lives of street dogs in India, the killing of dogs that still continues by municipalities of cities, towns and by individuals and about the solution, the animal laws and their implementation. Please discuss this in your centre especially "conclusions and how can you ...
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The Karuna Story

Welcome to Karuna Society for Animals and Nature, Puttaparthi, India My name is Clementien Koenegras, President of the Society and I like to tell you how Karuna Society came to life… When I arrived in Puttaparthi with my husband and son in 1995, it didn’t take much time for me to see the suffering of animals all around. Countless street dogs with pups, many run over by buses on the main road. Donkeys dying on the side of the main road without any help. Very soon my house was full of sick animals and I was helping out on the ...
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