Open Letter to Potential Karuna Volunteers

Sheridan with Monkey


Karuna Society for Animals and Nature appreciates your offer to volunteer with us. Your love for animals, knowledge and training is much appreciated. However, please consider the following:

  • If you are a veterinary doctor or nurse you are legally not allowed to practice in India except when you are registered with the Indian veterinary council. This is not possible when you come for a short period on a tourist visa.
  • A volunteer visa is a lengthy process. If you want to come for a longer period, Karuna Society would be legally responsible for your stay, which is a responsibility we cannot accept.
  • You could be very much disappointed with our clinic and animal care as we do not have the scientific level and diagnostic testing which you are used to. You want to practice your skills. There is no Laboratory in-house or nearby, which means no X-ray, no blood testing, etc.
  • It will take a lot of attention from our side to introduce you to the local situation. After 20 years we have figured out what works and what does not. This can be very frustrating for you as your training might tell you differently.
  • Our patients are mostly local dogs from farmers and villagers, there are only few breed dogs. We receive many accident cases. Apart from medication and inpatient care, observation is most important and we have extensive experience.
  • Once a week the district veterinary surgeon comes for sterilisations and other surgeries. He is very well qualified and has trained our attendants well.
  • We have castrated and sterilised all our rescued cows and buffaloes. Our animals are not for profit or reproduction, they move around freely and are not tied up. None of them goes for slaughter.

Over the years we had many volunteers. Some were useful, others not.

We are also not a cheap hotel for traveling youngsters who love animals.

There is only one way of serving the animals here: open your mind to the fact that the animals in India live in a different world than in the west. There are religious and political issues, laws and cruelty. Your point of view might not be relevant or helpful.

If you are looking for a life changing experience, if you are willing to let go of your own preconceived ideas and if you are willing to help where it is needed, you are WELCOME!

The minimum volunteer time is one month full time (one day off per week). We do not provide food or lodging. You are responsible for yourself.

Puttaparthi is a nice little town with cheap places, many foreigners to talk to and good vegetarian food.