Organic Cruelty Free Farming

"Changing to a simple life, back to basics, with Ahimsa organic fruits and vegetables"


Karuna Society started organic farming immediately after having received rescued cattle.
Healthy organic vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs are produced small scale by utilizing our resources of working bulls, cow dung and natural pesticides.

Thanks to generous donors, Karuna has been able to purchase 18 acres of agricultural land next to the existing organic garden and cattle shed. This is the “Karuna’s Ahimsa Farm” and will include the new Karuna Wildlife Rescue Centre which is being constructed (2016) on 14 acres as it is located next to the reserve forest.

Board members of Karuna society have registered a business; "Ahimsa Organic Products, Pvt. Ltd." to process the products from the Ahimsa Farm for sale in organic shops. 

From the beginning of agriculture thousands of years ago organic farming depended on animal labour, cow dung and urine. Before the English rulers brought chemical farming to India all farming was organic. There was no other way. That didn’t mean there was no cruelty, abuse and slaughter of animals. From Karuna's point of view cattle are the central issue in organic farming. See the Ahimsa logo!

At present the focus in organic farming is about the soil without chemicals or pesticides, using organic material like dung and leaves for compost, and the use of organic pesticides.

In the new organic farming wave the suffering of the cow and bull has disappeared from view. (Farmers take the dung from their milking buffaloes who all go for slaughter or they take the dung from another dairy farm.) This makes a big difference in the quality and subtle energy of the soil.

Karuna Society does not only promote chemical free organic farming but organic farming that is cruelty free and slaughter free as well. Our rescued cattle are part of the cruelty free organic production of vegetables and herbs. In general, the Vegan community in India also needs to understand that even all vegan food is connected to cows and bulls by the composting of the fields, the transport of the harvest by bullock cart and eventually by slaughter.

Karuna is located in a drought prone area and regularly we are faced with severe droughts. We received a grant from HAI (Help Animals India) for drip irrigation as it is the best solution for utilising the water resources.

Narendra, the secretary of the society, has taken up the drip irrigation on approximately 4 acres outside the wildlife rescue project area. He has planted more than 120 drumstick leaf trees, many lemon grass scrubs and Tulsi. The produce will be sold to Ahimsa Organic. We also planted countless pumpkin seeds and other Indian vegetable varieties to feed the animals and to be sold in the Karuna shop.

Slowly all our projects are coming together in a wholesome way, interconnected with each other and supporting each effort!