Our Vision and Mission



In a world in turmoil caused by war, economic pressures and environmental problems, it is easy to forget that we are not the only species living and surviving on this planet.

Large scale interference by humans in the animal world and nature is causing immense suffering for animals and nature alike.

Compassion for all living beings is the driving force to rescue and rehabilitate animals in distress.

We hope that compassion expressed in action will create a new balance in the human-animal-nature relationship. This is in the interest of all living beings.



To rescue and rehabilitate animals and nature in distress in our immediate environment.

To provide free medical care, shelter and lifetime care for those animals that cannot be rehabilitated.

To analyse the causes of the existing problems and create solutions and improvements as to how the suffering can be relieved or prevented.

To promote animal friendly farm practices in organic farming.

Campaigning against the use of animals in sports, zoos, hunting, animal experimentation, genetic engineering, vivisection and other practices where animals are subjected to tremendous suffering.

To help implement the Indian laws regarding cruelty and abuse of animals and nature, e.g. illegal transport and slaughter of cattle, animal sacrifice, poaching and the destruction of forests.

Rescue, rehabilitation and conservation of all wild animals in distress in our area in a scientific manner and provide life-time care and rehabilitation to those in need.

To end the hunting and poaching in all possible ways through legal action and also by avoiding / preventing man-animal conflict.



The objects of the Society are as follows:

  1. Rescue and Rehabilitation of animals in distress:
  2. To provide free first-aid, veterinary care and shelter at Karuna’s in and out patient department. This includes wildlife rescue and life time care but excludes food animals that are owned privately and are under the care of animal husbandry.
  3. To implement Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies program for Indian dogs.
  4. Conducting fund raising events.
  5. Promotion of organic, cruelty free farming:
  6. Promotion of a vegetarian/vegan life style and ecological growing of crops and plants etc and ecological treatment of nature in general.
  7. To encourage any farming or industrial activity which is eco and animal friendly.
  8. To bring about a change of consciousness regarding animals and nature, especially for stray, neglected, abandoned or abused animals.
  9. Informing local people and other individuals about the health aspects of holistic animal welfare.
  10. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:
  11. To discourage production of animals for meat and leather and to actively dedicate ourselves to achieve a change for the better.
  12. To help implement Indian legislature regarding cruelty, abuse, poaching and maltreatment of animals and nature e.g. transport and slaughter of cattle.
  13. Campaigning against the use of animals in sports, hunting, animal experimentation, genetic engineering, vivisection and such other practices where animals are subjected to enormous suffering.
  14. Co-ordination and co-operation with other Animal Welfare/ Rights Organizations and Government Bodies in order to increase awareness among the public about the protection of animals.
  15. Any other object that runs ancillary or subsidiary to the aforementioned objects.