Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

In a world in turmoil caused by war, economic pressures and environmental problems, it is easy to forget that we are not the only species living and surviving on this planet.

Large scale interference by humans in the animal world and nature is causing immense suffering for animals and nature alike.

Compassion for all living beings is the driving force to rescue and rehabilitate animals in distress.

We hope that compassion expressed in action will create a new balance in the human-animal-nature relationship. This is in the interest of all living beings.


Our Mission

To restore the rights of animals as equal inhabitants of this planet and treat them as such.

To rescue and rehabilitate animals and nature in distress in our immediate environment.

To provide free medical care, shelter and lifetime care for those animals that cannot be rehabilitated.

To analyse the causes of the existing problems and create solutions and improvements as to how the suffering can be relieved or prevented.

To promote animal friendly farm practices in organic farming.

Campaigning against the use of animals in sports, zoos, hunting, animal experimentation, genetic engineering, vivisection and other practices where animals are subjected to tremendous suffering.

To help implement the Indian laws regarding cruelty and abuse of animals and nature, e.g. illegal transport and slaughter of cattle, animal sacrifice, poaching and the destruction of forests.