Organic Shop/Information Centre

Costumer at Karuna Shop

Costumer at Karuna Shop

The Karuna Information Centre is the “face” of Karuna Society in Puttaparthi.

Here, Romula D’Silva, the Vice President, provides a most important service by sharing information regarding the animals in Puttaparthi as well as all animal welfare and animal rights in India to all who visit the shop. She also receives information about animals in need of treatment or rescue and with a small group of volunteers she takes action.

This centre is also an outlet for the organic produce from Karuna’s organic garden known as “Ahimsa Farm”. Here a large number of rescued cattle live a happy life, providing dung for compost and biogas as well as the labour for the bullock cart and the plough.

The organic produce is our service to all visitors of Puttaparthi who are health conscious and care for animals and the environment.

These activities have proven to have a high educational value for the general public, visitors and local people, who have become more aware of the much needed care for animals and the services Karuna is providing.

Karuna Society is committed to the protection of the environment. Hence, no plastic bags are used in the shop. The irreversible damage to the environment caused by disposable plastic products and the hazards the animals are subjected to, mostly fatal, when they consume plastic bags or get entangled in them, are widely known. Our customers are provided with bags made from old newspapers, which if returned in good condition, are reused by us. Through the use of these bags, Karuna Society supports a project that encourages villagers, mostly women, to generate income for themselves by producing these paper bags while helping save the environment.


Karuna Organic Shop and Information Centre is located just off the main road in Puttaparti. When coming out of the ashram, turn left on the main road, then right at the street intersecting Sai Towers Hotel. It is the last upper level shop on the left side next to N.Ahmed Tours & Travels.

Karuna shop is open from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm, and closed on Sundays

Shop tel. No.: (08555) 289737